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Segal Design Certificate


The Segal Design Certificate is a set of courses and projects that builds design knowledge and skills and is available to any undergraduate at Northwestern interested in gaining a competitive edge in their professional career.

Working in team-based, cross-disciplinary settings, students pursuing the certificate focus on innovative design processes to solve real problems for real clients. The program culminates with each student generating a design portfolio that is presented at a Segal Design Expo.


Who Should Enroll?

Any Northwestern undergraduate interested in augmenting his or her education with a strong understanding of innovative design processes can pursue the Segal Design Certificate.


Certificate students must take:

  • Prerequisite (one unit) DSGN 106-1 Design Thinking and Communication, OR DSGN 208 Design Thinking and Doing
  • A required two-quarter design sequence: DSGN 380-1, 2 (offered Winter Quarter and Spring Quarter) or DSGN 384-1, 2 (Offered Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter, and Spring Quarter)
  • DSGN 370 Portfolio Development and Presentation
  • Three approved electives

Certificate students must produce and present a design portfolio that enables them to reflect on their entire design education and demonstrates their experience and accomplishments.

They must also complete their baccalaureate degree from Northwestern.

Learn more about the Segal Design Certificate curriculum and requirements

How to Enroll

During their sophomore or junior year, interested students should submit the Intent to Pursue form, indicating their desire to enroll in the Segal Design Certificate program.

Design Thinking and Communication is a foundational course in Segal, and a prerequisite for many of the certificate elective options. Engineering Students who have not taken DTC during their freshman year should take it before declaring their intent to pursue the Segal Design Certificate. Students outside McCormick can take Design Thinking and Doing to fulfill the pre-requisite.

At least two weeks before their final quarter at Northwestern, certificate students must submit a completed Petition to Receive form. 

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