Segal Design Certificate Curriculum

These are the requirements and deliverables for students pursuing the Segal Design Certificate. If you have additional questions, Students within McCormick may contact Stacy Benjamin at sbenjamin@northwestern.edu . Students outside McCormick may contact John Anderson at jca@northwestern.edu

Prerequisite (one unit)

  • DSGN 106-1 Design Thinking and Communication
  • or DSGN 208 Design Thinking and Doing (formerly DSGN 295)

A Two-Quarter Design Sequence

  • DSGN 380-1,2 offered Winter Quarter, Spring Quarter
  • or DSGN 384-1,2 offered Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter and Spring Quarter

Portfolio Course

  • DSGN 370 offered Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter

Design Portfolio

  • The portfolio must demonstrate effective use of the design process (including conceptual and detailed design), prototyping, use of software and analytical tools, and effective visual communication.

Three Electives

  • Electives must be chosen from the approved electives list.
  • At least one elective must be a DSGN course.
  • Two electives must be 300-level or higher.
  • Students can submit a petition for one elective if content is appropriate.

Undergraduate Degree

  • To receive the certificate, students must successfully complete a Northwestern baccalaureate degree.

Additional Requirements

  • No more than two of the courses needed for the Segal Design Certificate may also be used to fulfill the requirements in the major program of the student’s baccalaureate degree as described in the undergraduate catalog.
  • No course may be taken P/N.
  • Courses with a grade lower than a "C" cannot be counted toward the certificate.

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