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About Us

About Segal

The Segal Design Institute educates innovators and design thinkers while expanding the research frontiers of human-centered design.


Our mission at the Segal Design Institute is to educate the next generation of synthetic thinkers and leaders — people who are able to move across domains and industries, identify convergences, and create impact through the lens of human-centered design. These thinkers are not generalists, but specialists of a different sort. They take a unified approach to solving problems, drawing on skills from engineering, social sciences, design, and management theory.

Design Thinking

Segal embraces a methodology of problem framing and opportunity finding in order to produce creative, actionable outcomes. Always striving to improve the process of good design, Segal integrates design thinking into the curriculum and the hands-on projects of each of its academic programs.

Innovative People

People drive the creativity and design engine of the Segal community. While striving for great ideas and innovative processes, our faculty, students, researchers, and industry partners make Segal a leading institution in design.

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Interdisciplinary Programs

Segal provides a variety of immersive, interdisciplinary programs for undergraduates, graduate students, and working professionals that teach collaboration and leadership in design thinking.



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Human-Centered Design Projects

At both the graduate and undergraduate level, Segal students work on projects that produce tangible results and improve the lives of people around the world. Segal’s team-based approach to education encourages students to use design thinking together to solve complex, authentic problems in product, interaction, service, and business design.

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Cross-Disciplinary Design Research

By studying and producing good design, we gain critical insights into a wide range of human endeavors and societal needs. Through design thinking, we improve the development of products and services, organizations, transportation systems, and public policy.

Segal’s collaborative research program brings together leading faculty and PhD candidates from different schools and disciplines to advance design research.

Some of Segal’s current cross-disciplinary research topics are:

  • rapid multiple-crowd feedback
  • crowdfunding and social networking
  • surface haptics

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