Current Students

Welcome to MMM!

A Welcome from the MMM Student Executive Council

Welcome MMMs! You're part of a program with a strong tradition of academic leadership. For much of the past two decades, the curriculum has pushed the boundaries of manufacturing management and been at the forefront of operational understanding. But the business landscape has changed. Flawless execution alone will no longer make a company truly great.

As a MMM, you are now part of a program that once again is expanding its horizons to include the great intersection of business, design and technology. The program's holistic focus on the process from innovative product creation to flawless execution positions MMMs as well-rounded managers who can manage every aspect of a product or service life cycle. This set of skills is a rare combination and is an increasingly critical factor within successful business ventures; regardless of industry.

As a MMM student you have incredible resources at your disposal. You have access to truly world-class academics in both the Kellogg School of Management and the McCormick School of Engineering. You have access to Kellogg's strong relationships with recruiters as well as the MMM program's rich and enduring bonds with variety of firms. You have access to a strong and dedicated alumni group that is well established and accessible. As we look toward the future of the program, it's clear that the success we've had today has been a direct result of the hard work of those that came before you.

With the same continual focus, this program will continue to excel and help lead the future of business thinking for years to come.