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About Us

Segal Design Facilities

Located in the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center, a state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious building on Northwestern’s Evanston campus, the Segal Design Institute provides students with the resources, equipment, and collaborative environment where group work and the exchange of ideas can flourish.

Segal Prototyping and Fabrication Lab

Working in the Segal Prototyping and Fabrication Lab is central to the student experience at Segal. The main machine shop and assembly area are visible from multiple levels of the building’s atrium.

But the Segal Prototyping and Fabrication Lab encompasses much more than just band saws and manual mills. Ford hosts an impressive array of prototyping resources for students, managed by Segal and the mechanical engineering department at McCormick, including:

  • an additive manufacturing/rapid prototyping lab
  • a mechatronics lab
  • a CAD/CAM lab
  • five CNC mills and one CNC lathe
  • a laser cutter
  • a welding lab
  • fabrication and assembly tools
  • a paint booth

3D Printing

Powered by a generous gift from the Farley family, the Ford Rapid Prototyping Lab hosts an array of cutting-edge, additive manufacturing technology tools, including an Objet Connex Polyjet and Fortus FDM machines from Stratasys, as well as Color 3D Printing equipment from 3D systems. These tools enable students to create complex models quickly and using a wide range of materials, including strong, rigid plastics, flexible and optically clear polymers, colored models with graphics, and models made with multiple materials.

Learn more about using the resources available in the Segal Prototyping and Fabrication Lab.

Research Support

The Prototyping and Fabrication Lab is available for support of McCormick research laboratories. Graduate students seeking to work in the lab should contact the lab professionals for a skills assessment and training plan that will support their intended project work. Because Design Thinking and Communication (DTC) lab training engrosses the shop resources for a few weeks each academic quarter, there will be shop training blackout dates when training for non-DTC students will be unavailable.

Lab Leaders Program

Over the years the Prototyping and Fabrication Lab has provided an opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students to gain invaluable practical design and equipment experience to complement their traditional classroom education.

These students become highly sought-after employees in many industries because of their ability to execute their designs. We call these enterprising students Lab Leaders. You can find them achieving excellence on the various vehicle teams and training other students in the lab. We are always looking for the next generation of Lab Leaders to fill shoes of the graduating class.

If you are interested in the Lab Leaders Program, please e-mail Segal's lab professionals.