The client needed to better understand the purchaser’s decision-making experience as it relates to electric cars. Specifically, the client wanted to focus on the Nissan LEAF purchasing experience, from initial “active” interest in purchasing a LEAF to the perceived experience of LEAF ownership before a purchase is made.


The Nissan LEAF Integration Project team.

The student team created and presented a set of user-experience solutions, including concept prototypes, to more than 30 Nissan staff focused on the Nissan LEAF purchasing experience.

Several student recommendations are currently being explored for implementation by Nissan.

Development Process

  1. The students considered the human-centered, design thinking process and planned their approach to the project research.
  2. The student team interviewed current electric vehicle owners, prospective buyers, Nissan staff, and other industry experts to understand how the purchasing process for electric vehicles was different than for traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.
  3. They analyzed their findings and compiled their research.
  4. The team presented their findings to the clients at Nissan.