As water demand continues to exceed supply, conservation has become a critical issue for all. Cities will bear real and significant costs if people fail to manage their water consumption effectively. Currently, options are limited for households to determine their real-time water use. Since water bills provide only delayed and limited feedback, this hinders behavioral change.



myWater delivers real-time feedback about household water consumption. The device monitors consumption and displays it in a visually appealing way.

On a simple LCD display, users can see their real-time water use, compare it over time, and use that information to change their behavior.

Development Process

At first, Anthony Jakubiak’s intent was to improve greywater reuse systems. But through observation and prototyping, it became clear that there was a broader problem at hand: a breakdown in how a person receives feedback on their overall household water use. 

With this in mind, Jakubiak revised the focus of the project. Through a cycle of sketching, building prototypes, user testing, and refining design direction, he created the current water usage feedback system called myWater.