Current garlic presses create a flawed customer experience and produce an output that professionals consider substandard. Minced garlic is a superior method of preparation but most amateurs do not have the knife skills to prepare it this way.


Concept art of the Garlic Globe.The Garlic Globe prototype uses a mortar and pestle arrangement in which the garlic is placed on a wire mesh canopy and pushed through the openings into a cup. This design minces the garlic, increases user leverage, and can be cleaned more easily.

Future Plans and Recognition

The project resulted in a finished prototype and pending patent. It is currently being sought for licensing by a product group and was a James Dyson Award international finalist.

Development Process

A digital concept version of the Garlic Globe.Paul conducted research of the kitchenware space, across the entire spectrum of users from amateurs to professionals. He identified opportunity areas from insights gathered from research.

Paul then brainstormed and prototyped possible solutions to the identified opportunity areas.

Extensive user testing of prototypes was conducted to identify flaws and new insights. Paul repeated the testing and prototyping process until he arrived at the final device prototype.