People who have not done creative design tasks often have trouble gathering high quality design feedback. A resource is needed for crowdfunders to solicit substantive, quality feedback on their work.


Complex tasks like design critiques can be broken down into smaller microtasks that relatively novice individuals can complete with ease. By using this microtask approach, the website is able to bring high-quality design feedback to crowdfunders, so they can iterate on their projects and succeed. is currently operational and available to a limited number of crowdfunders.

Development Process

Michael Greenberg interviewed over 60 crowdfunding project creators to understand the needs of an emerging community of creatives.

He then explored a range of possible tools that they could build to help crowdfunders.

He settled on a system for crowdsourcing design critiques, then iteratively designed the interface and interactions in the Critiki system, testing with crowdfunders, designers, and educators.

The Critiki website was launched and is currently being deployed to help new crowdfunders.