In preparation for the launch of its new A3 Sedan, carmaker Audi needed to understand what customer experience elements the Gen-Y consumer demands out of their first luxury car buying experience.

  • What are the non-traditional media behaviors of the Gen-Y consumer?
  • Who are the key influencers that drive purchase intent for this buyer?
  • What key features or amenities are most salient to driving this consumer to buy a luxury car?


The Audi A3 project team.The student team recommended a repositioning of Audi’s media placements and ad development to better target Gen-Y consumers. This also included changing the dealer training materials and altering the overall dealer experience. Recommendations also affect the features offered on the new A3 Sedan.

Development Process

  1. The Audi A3 team in a showroom.The students performed preliminary fact-finding, which included dealer visits, test drives, and short brand perception surveys.
  2. The students conducted more in depth Gen-Y interviews and focus groups regarding their perceptions of car buying. Team members also attended the Detroit Auto show.
  3. Once they finished their data collection, the students synthesized key insights and brainstormed ideas Audi could implement. 
  4. The students tested these ideas with real consumers to validate findings.
  5. They concluded the project with a final presentation to Audi senior leaders including the CMO, COO, and head of customer experience.