Alumni Feedback: Design Thinking and Your Career

"My MPD² experience has introduced me to different lenses through which to view product design and development—the results of which are personally fulfilling and competitively advantageous." 

Gretchen Gscheidle, director, Insight and Exploration at Herman Miller, Inc. 
MPD² Class of 2010

"MPD² is the only relevant program for educating leaders for product development." 

Tom Tobin, VP R&D, S&C Electric MPD² advisory board of directors

"The MPD² program cultivates your skills to confidently tackle the complex and challenging problems you face outside the classroom." 

Brandon McNamara, Business Analyst, Harley-Davidson Financial Services 
MPD² class of 2011

"Worth every bit of intellectual sweat! MPD² is an exhilarating dive into the entire realm of product design and development." 

Niels J. Eilmus, Senior Industrial Designer, Kohler
MPD² class of 2011

"MPD² has already saturated my career with priceless critical thinking, awareness, and enhanced communication skills. The true depth of this program can only be experienced." 

Katie Cigliano Morgenroth, Senior Industrial Designer, Motorola Mobile Devices 
MPD² class of 2011

"The course work provides a disciplined approach that can be applied across a broad industry spectrum. The program had a life changing effect for me and my age does not appear to be a barrier; it is never too late for anyone who wants to change through learning" 

Lois Johnson, Global I.S. Compliance, Aventis Behring
MPD Class of 2004

"As a colleague put it, "this program has been awakening." The students are given proven, real world tools to contribute to the future of product development." 

Lawrence Maher, Advisory Manufacturing Engineer, Northrop Grumman
MPD Class of 2005

"The MPD² program broadened my understanding of what it takes to create great products and gave me the tools to accomplish that in my current organization."

Mark Gilpatric, Manager, Engineering Projects, HATCO
MPD Class of 2008

"The MPD² program at Northwestern has been tremendous for me. There are very few schools that offer anything like MPD² in the country. It is more than worthwhile as an engineer, it is imperative. This program prepares you for the future as well as giving you tools relevant to your current roles and responsibilities." 

Michael Sagan, Director of Product Development, Empire Level Manufacturing
MPD Class of 2008

"From the very first class you will be exposed to new concepts and ideas. You will find you are able to immediately apply what you have learned to your workplace and your life. The courses require a lot of work, but our small teams provide great motivation, support, and camaraderie to get though it. I have been able to take what I have learned from my classes so far this year and utilize it at work. It has already made a significant impact on how I do my job." 

Donna Rossi, IA System & ASSAY Integration Manager, Abbott Laboratories
MPD Class of 2008

"My MPD² degree has had the greatest impact on my career and I am continually bringing tips, techniques and best practices from our course work to my workplace."

Mike Douglass, Manager of Research and Development, Elkay Manufacturing 
MPD Class of 2006