Program Overview

Professor Robin Soffer

The Master of Science in Product Design and Development Management (MPD²) program is designed for professionals eager to master the tools and concepts of product design and development. Students will learn about managing creativity and design, form and function, project management, customer-focused innovation, research, and financial and organizational issues. All courses are highly focused on the perspective of product design and development and the management of this process. The MPD² program is a must for mid-to-senior level professionals who are involved in the design and development of new products as designers or managers.

The MPD² program admits only a specific number of students each fall quarter to ensure appropriate attention to all. We are aiming to foster a collaborative atmosphere within the program and believe that a medium-sized cohort of exceptionally talented and strongly motivated students will best enable us to achieve this.

Class Location & Schedule

MPD students coworking

Classes are taught on Northwestern’s Evanston campus and are only open to MPD² students. The MPD² program follows the Northwestern University academic schedule of 10 week quarters. New students begin classes in September of the fall quarter, with breaks in December, March and the summer months.

The MPD² courses are taught sequentially with a nine-month or two-year structure, which is ideal for working professionals. Each course is 0.5 units and 24 units are required for graduation.

Two-Year Schedule

The two-year part-time classes meet all day, once a week on alternating Fridays and Saturdays and require that students take the morning and afternoon classes for their first and second year. The two-year program is ideal for students working full-time.

Adjunct Professor Robert Schieffer

Nine-Month Schedule

The nine-month full-time program requires students to take both the morning and afternoon classes on both Friday and Saturday. This option is ideal for students who are interested in being full-time students and plan to return to professional careers after graduation.

Student Teamwork

Students working in ITW Classroom.

Incoming students are placed on teams based on a variety of factors. Students’ location, background, and skill set are taken into consideration when forming teams. Teams work together throughout the program to complete group assignments allowing students to learn from one another and gain further insight into the material.

The final year of the program for all students requires working in teams to complete a capstone project. The project requires the students to use their newly accumulated knowledge to present a product and a business plan. Students will be evaluated on how well they integrate the total course material through the process of product design and development.

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