MMM students are annually recognized for achievements and academic excellence in areas of entrepreneurship as well as design and innovation. Awards are presented at the MMM Graduation Reception. 

Distinguished Service Award

The MMM Program bestows the Distinguished Student Service Award to a student considered to be a shining example of dedication and excellence. A recipient is selected from each graduating class of the MMM Program. It is presented to a student who demonstrates exemplary leadership and advocacy for the program and fellow classmates. The student is recognized as an outstanding example of dedication, scholarship, service, and leadership to the MMM Program.

Recent Winners:

  • Lexie Smith (2015)
  • Angela Gonzales (2014)
  • Adam Atkinson-Lewis (2013)
  • David Desandre (2012)

Breed Prize

It is in the spirit of Allen K. Breed's entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, drive for innovation, and devotion to manufacturing that the Breed Prize is given annually to the MMM student who best exemplifies the ideal of a technical entrepreneur. The Breed Award is given to the MMM student who has demonstrated outstanding potential for technology-based management, leadership, and innovation. Selection criteria include academic excellence, strong creativity, and exceptional ability to synthesize engineering and management skills.

Recent Winners:

  • Priya Mathew (2015)
  • Westin Hatch (2014)
  • Christian Kletzl (2013)
  • Zach Suppla (2012)

Design & Innovation Award

The Design and Innovation Scholar Award recognizes a graduating MMM student who has demonstrated excellence in the pursuit and promotion of human-centered design at Northwestern University and the community at large. The award is given to the special individual who exhibits consistently high levels of imagination and insight and whose studies have been significantly broadened through the lenses of design and creativity. The MMM Program celebrates design as a vital humanistic tool in shaping the world and seeks to increase national awareness of design through education, excellence in innovative thinking, and lasting achievement.

Recent Winners:

  • Ron Sinha (2015)
  • Alexandre Popelard (2014)
  • Leah Marcus (2013)
  • Tyler Evans (2012)

Academic Excellence

The Academic Excellence Award is given to the student with the highest overal grade point average amongst his or her MMM peers.

Recent Winners:

  • Brendan Ratter (2015)
  • Kayleigh Ross (2014)
  • Michael Biederman (2013)
  • Daniel Lindquist (2012)