MMM Innovation Studio Spaces in Ford

  • Kellogg Ford MMM Conference Room 1.330
    Phone: 847-491-8206
  • Kellogg Ford MMM Group Room 1.319
    Phone: 847-467-4109
    3M Smart Board
  • Kellogg Ford MMM Group Room 1.315
    Phone: 847-491-2880
    3M Smart Board

Reserving MMM Conference & Study Rooms

The MMM Studio Conference Room (1-330) and MMM Breakout Rooms (1-315, 1-319) can be reserved by MMM students directly through Outlook.

Printing in the MMM Studio

Wireless Network Information

  • Unless you are in the Jacobs Center, you will need to install an NU VPN client before accessing the wireless network. Instructions for installation are available from NUIT.
  • The SSID for the NU wireless network is northwestern, which you need to manually input into your wireless card settings.

Reimbursement Guidelines and Forms

The following reimbursement guidelines were created to establish standards and procedures in order to comply with the Northwestern University and McCormick School of Engineering travel and reimbursement policies.

Reimbursement Forms

Help Contacts

  • Emily Kolar can be contacted for assistance with any MMM-specific issue.