Why did you choose MMM?

I chose MMM because I believe that the customer should be a product's strategic center and its creative heart. I'd like to help companies start with the customer experience and then work backwards to the technology. And MMM is preparing me to do exactly that.

What advice would you give prospective students?

There have been times in class when I've looked at the clock, not to see how much time I had left, but to almost will time to stop so I could spend a few extra minutes in class. If someone had told that to my undergrad self, I would've said "Pssshh." Probably like you are right now. But you can't say I didn't warn you.

What is your favorite gadget/product/service and why?

My favorite gadget is my Google Pixel. The feature that always delights me is the finger scanner on the back of the device. It feels like it was placed there because the designers recognized how people intuitively hold their phones.

Some people would be surprised to learn that...

I was a children’s book model.

What trip are you daydreaming about?

My trip to China as part of Kellogg's Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) course.