Phoebe considers herself a design thinker, and has always been fascinated with designing products that drive an emotional connection with an end user. She began her career as a designer during her undergraduate studies at Northwestern in Manufacturing and Design Engineering (MaDE). Through this experience and her studies towards a minor in Psychology, Phoebe became an advocate for the user. She feels curious about how people experience the world and how the products around them influence or enhance their experience. Phoebe is passionate about delivering innovative design that builds a strong relationship with consumers.

Why EDI?

EDI has a unique, interdisciplinary approach to design and teaches its students the fundamentals in design thinking through immersive studio projects. Phoebe was drawn to the program's core advocacy for the user. Phoebe seeks to expand and define her design philosophy within the one-of-a-kind creative culture that EDI offers.


BS Manufacturing and Design Engineering (MaDE), Northwestern University


Prior to EDI, Phoebe spent four years working at Mattersight Corporation, a company that develops and delivers Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables front line call center agents to interact more effectively and efficiently with customers. At Mattersight, Phoebe first worked as a Data Integrity Analyst, where she verified software requirements and overall quality prior to client delivery. Using that product expertise, she was transitioned into a Project Management role, where she managed multi-week, interdisciplinary projects. In this role, she was responsible for understanding client problems and pain points, and then turning that insight around into software design requirements.