Paul Olczak has been an adjunct lecturer for the Design Thinking and Communication (DTC) course since 2011.

Prior to returning to Northwestern to pursue a PhD, he worked in the medical device industry in a variety of roles, spanning from the design of electronic and sensing subsystems to new product development.

He gained substantial experience:

  • working with regulatory bodies and international manufacturing partners
  • practicing risk management in the medical device field
  • being a technical liaison to the sales and marketing staff
  • ensuring smooth production ramp-ups enabling safe and successful launches in the U.S.
  • managing design review and validation

His academic interests include computational photography, human-computer interaction, maps, computer vision, and computer graphics.

He is interested in finding new interactions and possibilities that current mobile devices enable, as well as lowering the entry barrier into technology for people who are normally anxious around it.

In his spare time, Olczak enjoys preparing for and racing in triathlons and has been involved in various outreach programs focused on increasing interest in engineering and mathematics in kids, especially from neighborhoods and schools traditionally challenged in those academic areas.


MS, Computer Science, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

BS, Electrical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL