Alexander is a person who enjoys considering possibilities and challenging reality. He sees a lot of suffering in the world, and the potential for a lot of joy. His aim is to reduce the former in order to foster the latter. 

Why EDI?

I have always enjoyed cobbling odds and ends together to see what they could become. To me, the world is a collection of processes, with no obvious beginning or end. Working for various nonprofits since graduating from Oberlin forced me to be creative with physical resources. Through the EDI program at Northwestern, I am able to directing my attention to literal and theoretical constructions and that has been a profoundly positive experience.


BA, Philosophy and Neuroscience, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH


Alexander has worked at several non-profit startups, aimed at reducing the gaps in the equity of education and housing. These experiences taught him many practical proficiencies, such as iterative development processes and lean business strategy. Just before joining EDI, Alexander worked in a pediatric allergy and asthma clinic at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. There, he was able to publish in multiple formats, prototype, and take part in the research and design process behind improving the college experience for those with food allergies.