My favorite part about the design process is rapid prototyping. I love solid modeling with CAD and then being able to 3D print a model with a fast turn around time. I like learning to use new machines and knowing how to optimize products for such machines.

The competitive drive that I exhibited throughout undergrad while swimming for NU has transferred seamlessly to my academic career. I believe that tirelessly creating multiple iterations of products after obtaining feedback is the best path towards creating an ideal product.

Why EDI?

Throughout my MaDE undergraduate courses, I strove to gain a wide understanding of what manufacturing capabilities exist so that I could design products to directly optimize these capabilities. I concentrated on the technical aspects of the solutions, only incorporating human-centered design principals after taking a class dedicated to such. I wanted to compliment my MaDE degree with EDI, knowing that EDI would enhance my awareness of users and ability to design for people. I also knew that EDI would allow me to explore a wide range of products that I was interested in.


BS, Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Northwestern University

Work Experience 

Design Engineer