Amelia is pursuing a Master of Science in Engineering Design & Innovation (EDI). Prior to EDI, Amelia worked at Air Products & Chemicals, holding a variety of roles through their Career Development Program, a three-year rotational engineering program. During her three years at Air Products, she found that she really loved the work that enabled her to make other people's jobs easier by streamlining tedious tasks or creating digital job aids that made information and resources more accessible. She decided to go back to school to pursue her passion for helping others, through EDI's curriculum focusing on using the human-centered design process to create innovative products and services that truly satisfy the needs and desires of people.

One of Amelia's major areas of interest is education. She has volunteered at the Till School here in Chicago, teaching local high school students how to design with empathy, and often creates hands-on engineering activities for her mom's Kindergarten class. She hopes to use the human-centered design process to create meaningful, hands-on learning experiences that inspire others to be more curious about the world around them and believe in their ability to make a difference in the world.

Why EDI?

EDI is very unique in the fact that it teaches the creative design process, without losing sight of the engineering involved in creating a product. EDI teaches you not only how to come up with a great a idea, but also how to turn that idea into a reality.


BS, Mechanical Engineering, Bucknell University 

Work Experience 

Air Products & Chemicals