Why did you choose MMM?

As a software engineer looking to transition into product management, the MMM Program provided a truly unique opportunity that aligned with my background and ambitions. The program augments my professional experience with real-world management practice and a deep understanding of design thinking, preparing me to lead multidisciplinary teams and champion bold ideas. The program gives me the perfect place to prepare to solve tomorrow’s technology programs as a successful leader.

What does Design Innovation mean to you and why is it relevant?

Design Innovation is a methodology to solve problems that focuses on the user (customer). This user-centered research, problem framing, and concept development makes sure you are identifying the right problems and coming up with innovative solutions. In technology, CPG, consulting, and many other industries, customer-centric decision making has become a way to differentiate and develop next-level solutions.

Some people would be surprised to learn that...

I grew up in Michigan. Even in college, most people were surprised to learn that I wasn’t from California. I haven’t said “pop” since about 12, but I do still know how to play euchre.

I wish I knew how to…

Salsa. A few of my classmates just crush it, and I’m always blown away. I took a lesson in Colombia, but apparently I need more than an hour to even learn the basics.