Jonathan is an integrated designer and engineer who strives to improve the way that people interact with products in their daily lives. As an experienced maker with a degree in mechanical engineering, Jonathan loves making products and services that are both functional and delightful. Jonathan is exceedingly interested in why people do what they do, especially when he can discover an unmet need and design accordingly. Through roles on various clubs and committees, Jonathan has also developed an interest in strategy and resource management. Eventually, Jonathan hopes to combine his passion for design, engineering, and strategy to improve the lives of people around the globe.

Jonathan enjoys travelling, cooking, playing/watching sports, and coordinating events of all sizes. In his free time (both minutes), Jonathan dabbles in the marketplace by reselling goods to fellow students.

Why EDI?

Human-centered design, which is the core of EDI, is all about the process of combining user needs and insights into engineered solutions. Jonathan is interested in becoming an experienced practitioner of this methodology so that he can become a design-focused leader and innovator in the marketplace. Jonathan loves learning new skills, so it is a energizing to be surrounded by people who are passionate about such a wide variety of fields.


BS, Mechanical Engineering, French, Calvin College