Both an engineer and a designer, Hua always keeps the users in mind. She aims to solve problems for people both from technical and human-centered perspectives. Prior to joining the EDI program, Hua worked for a medical device company as an engineer. That experience taught her to design with empathy, which she identifies as an important characteristic of a designer. Hua enjoys discovering how human-centered design can be leveraged and implemented into different fields to make the world a better place.

Why EDI?

Hua believe that human-centered design is a fascinating method to solve problems. In the EDI program, she can applies design thinking to different projects ranging from product design to digital design to service design. Hua says that EDI gives her a clear picture of what human-centered design is and how to embrace it in her future career.


BS, Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


Design Medical Engineer, Scandinavian Health Ltd (SHL Group)