Why did you choose MMM?

The one thing in particular that has attracted me to MMM is the emphasis on experiential learning, which meant that the students are not only getting to learn the concepts of human-centered design, but are also working to apply this framework to help solve real-world problems for the partnering organizations. In my opinion, this is invaluable experience that really sets MMM program apart.

What is your favorite gadget/product/service and why?

Apple Pencil. This is the one most useful gadgets one can get for the business school, as it makes note taking activities so much easier compared to taking notes on paper.

What trip are you daydreaming about?

The one particular place that I’ve always dreamt of visiting is the Skeleton Coast of Namibia. This is a fascinating (and a bit eerie) spot that has been attracting photographers from all over the world for a long time.

Favorite weekend activity?

I’m a huge fan of photography, so taking out my Olympus camera and venturing to wonder the streets of Evanston, or, for that matter, Chicago (which is a seriously photogenic city) is definitely high on my list of weekend activities.