Katherine is an artist, engineer, and designer working across a variety of mediums. A long time practitioner of the “maker” and DIY lifestyle, she has taught herself a wide variety of technical and artistic skills. She is passionate about using the design process to improve healthcare, so she recently co-founded inRact - an app to help patients manage their cardiac medication regimens. She is working on turning her passion for travel into a business that inspires and assists independent travelers across the globe.

Why EDI?

Katherine joined EDI to work on bridging the gap between user needs and excellently designed products with the ultimate goal of improving life for others. She aspires to use the EDI program to learn more about the product development cycle and leveraging new technology to effectively address user needs.


BA, Psychology, Northwestern University


After graduating with her degree in psychology, Katherine worked as a professional clinical researcher studying mood disorders in young adults. She earned a Fulbright grant to research mental health and Hindustani music in Varanasi, India. Her time in India convinced her that engineers are best suited to make a positive impact on large numbers of people, and that the field of healthcare is in desperate need of innovation across the world. Further inspired by her lifelong passion for machines and computers, she returned to the U.S. and began engineering coursework to prepare for the EDI program. For the last two years, she has worked as a Design Engineer at Northwestern's Innovations lab, where she creates novel simulation devices for surgical training.