NED Talks-Northwestern.Engineering.Design: Bob Reiss Photo

NED Talks-Northwestern.Engineering.Design: Bob Reiss

May 10, 2010, 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.
Donald P. Jacobs Center
Evanston , IL 60208

You can grow your business with less money than you think. You need to bootstrap. Whether designing a new product or launching a new business, entrepreneurs and designers should use these proven, practical tips on:

  • Cash free barter, pubicity, advertising, selling, outsourcing and networking
  • Acquiring and keeping customers
  • Finding free, quality help
  • Maximizing profits through correct pricing
  • Creating and understanding cash flow
  • Non-traditional ways to get money
  • Key factors for entrepreneurial success

Bob Reiss has built these skills in 16 start-ups including Reiss Games, R&R, and Valdawn, which was named to the Inc. 500 list of "Fastest-Growing Companies" 3 consecutive years. His other book is "Low Risk High Reward"

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