Driving Innovation through Design Photo

Driving Innovation through Design

April 15 - 16, 2010

April 15-16, 2010, Northwestern University

This one and an half day workshop will bring together a group of university administrators (Deans/department heads), faculty, researchers, and industrial practitioners across a variety of disciplines such as engineering, business, economics, journalism, arts and architecture, education and social policy. The goals are (1) to reach a deeper understanding of the transdisciplinary issues faced in university and the world of design, (2) to foster interactions and facilitate dialogue by collectively sharing experiences of creating, cultivating, and sustaining successful interdisciplinary research and education programs, and (3) to seek synergistic research and educational efforts towards establishing Design as a path towards innovation and transdisciplinary cross-connection.

Participation in the workshop will be limited to 50 attendees and will require submission of the online application and commitment to attending and actively participating in the entire workshop. Selection will be based on having a broad, diverse group that best addresses the theme of this workshop. Attendees will be eligible for travel support, hotel accommodation, and flight (or other means of transportation). Priority for attendance will be given to applications received prior to February 12, 2010. Selected attendees will be informed prior to February 26, 2010.