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Dean Ottino

May 26, 2009, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
May 6, 2009

Dean Ottino Explores Connections Between Art, Science, and Technology


The world is evolving at a fastest rate than ever; becoming flatter according to some, spiked, according to others. But this much is clear: (1) knowledge is being fragmented at an ever faster pace, (2) the boundaries between domains are blurring, (3) technology is permeating all areas of society, (4) the waves of innovation are becoming shorter, and (5) solving the biggest problems facing humanity necessitates bigger and more heterogeneous teams. There is some dynamic equilibrium between (1) and (2), but (3) and (4) will continue growing with no opposing force in sight. The overall trend is clear: Adaptability and the ability to crosslink domains will be the critical skills of the future.

The largest domains of creative-distilled thinking accumulated by humanity are art, science, and technology. In fact, the very existence of these organized domains may be considered humanity's greatest creative achievement. These three domains are routinely seen as disconnected, operating under different rules, values, pipelines and recognition systems. And this is, in general, largely true; however, at a systems level, there is much connectivity between the three domains and a broader view, focusing on similarities and explaining differences, is deeply revealing. There is significant value for individuals and organizations in understanding the essential aspects of this connectedness as it reveals lessons that allow for seamless movement across domains.