Zhabiz Shafieyoun: Affecting Emotion Through DesignPhoto
Segal Seminar Series

Zhabiz Shafieyoun: Affecting Emotion Through Design

September 27, 2016,4: 00 - 5: 00p.m.

ITW Classroom (1.350)

2133 Sheridan Road

Evanston, IL, 60208


Most of us have had at least a short journey inside a hospital for different reasons and we have come out with different experiences that have had physical and mental effect on us. Obviously, it is difficult to create a good mood in a difficult situation, but it is not impossible. Paying attention to the physical and psychological part of user's needs in hospitals can us help better understand user experience design (Harris et al., 2002). 

My study encompassed seven fundamental emotions (as defined by Jaak Panksepp) including FEAR, RAGE, GRIEF, SEEKING, CARE, PLAY and LUST (Panksepp,2012). Based on these seven emotions I have conducted a survey of 200 cancer patients using the Kansei Engineering method in 4 waiting areas in two different hospitals in Milan. Then I used Csikszentmihalyi's Flow in combination with Kansei Engineering to create a concept of Flow Kansei Engineering and proposed a “Flow Test.” Moreover, I have applied a number of well-established design tools like patient journeys, scenarios, storyboards, personas and interview to complement the surveys. I have used Semantic Differential Methods in questionnaires (Osgood et al. 1969) and Factor Analysis to analyze data generated by these participants.

My analysis demonstrated how different aspects of design and social characteristics of waiting areas could influence the emotional experience of their users, and, ultimately, their perceived quality of care. For example, I verified that warm colors, abundance of light, round furniture layout and presence of art works could enhance patients’ positive emotions.


Zhabiz Shafieyoun is a research scholar in design at IIT ID performing work in Health Care design. She received her PhD in design at Politechnico di Milano, Italy.  Zhabiz obtained both her BS and MA in industrial design from Art University of Tabriz, Iran, where she earned top honors, graduating first in her class.  She is experienced in teaching masters and bachelor candidates in emotional design and has acted as an advisor for a masters thesis. 

Tuesday, September 27, 4pm

Questions? email segal@northwestern.edu