Webinar: Design for AmericaPhoto

Webinar: Design for America

November 18, 2016,12: 00 - 1: 00p.m.

Founded by four students and one faculty member at Northwestern University in 2009, Design for America (DFA) is now a national network on 40 campuses engaging over 1,200 students each year to use design innovation for positive social impact.

Join DFA staff and an alumna to hear about how Design for America is a creative community, unafraid and prepared to tackle any challenge–on campus, in the workplace, in the community.

All you will need is your computer, a strong internet connection and the speakers on! A link to join the webinar will be in the confirmation email following registration. A recording of the webinar will be sent to all registrants following the live event--you don't need to be available for the live event and you're welcome to view the recording as often as you'd like!

The speakers are:

Michelle Baverman - 2016-2017 Design for America Fellow

Michelle studied architecture and is fascinated by how the design of spaces, products, and systems can affect each and every person’s daily life. She also enjoys paying attention to how little details can make big impact. She founded DFA at the University of Cincinnati and has since discovered and developed her passion for human-centered design and getting people excited about social innovation. Outside of DFyAy, she loves running half marathons, exploring on her bike, eating ice cream, and seeing live music. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati.

Stacy Klingbeil '14 MS- Design for America Field Coordinator 

After piecing together her favorite memories of a powerful social justice class in high school, a socially-minded t-shirt club in college, and a design-based international development experience, Stacy got serious about design for social impact. She continues to explore this intersection of creative problem solving, social enterprise, and service design. Outside of DFA, she is taking sewing classes, running along the lake, and playing with her niece and nephew. Stacy holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management from Miami University and a Master of Science in Engineering Design and Innovation from Northwestern! 

Design for America is housed within the Segal Design Institute at the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern.