Audrey Arbeeny: The Sound of DesignPhoto
Segal Seminar Series

Audrey Arbeeny: The Sound of Design

October 29, 2015,1: 00 - 2: 30p.m.

Ford Design Studio (Room 1.230)

2133 Sheridan Road

Evanston, IL, 60208


Music and sound are important, highly effective yet often overlooked additions to the design equation which strengthen emotional bonds between brands and customers. With the massive increase in customer touchpoints, and connected products, sonic branding can articulate and elevate your design strategy while providing a clear, consistent voice. In this session, we'll gain understanding of the valuable role audio plays, the methodologies used to create a sonic identity, strategic development, implementations and future trends that will necessitate the seamless integration of audio elements. From Audiobrain's  sonification of the  XBox 360 to sonic branding projects for Google, NBC Olympics, McDonalds, IBM, Holland America Cruise Lines, and others, you will gain a clear understanding of this field, its value to design and branding, and how to incorporate appropriate sound for a better ROI through deliberate and strategic audio development.


• Sonic Branding is Valuable: Last year the Harvard Business Review concluded that considering the current audio-enabled world that we live in, sound was the one powerful branding tool that was being overlooked. This presentation will greatly raise awareness and understanding of audio as an effective, proven and globally understood  design tool. 

• Sonic branding is for Everyone, at any budget. Every brand has a voice and  an opportunity to elevate design and unify their brand through strategic music and sound. 

• Music and sound are critical design elements and no longer just add ons, afterthoughts, jingles or sound logos. 

• Sound affects perception of all other senses,  and can heighten any design and branding.

• Strategic sound brings not only a clear and consistent voice, but greater ROI by developing reusable and aligned audio assets

 Great brands create great audio: 17 of the Interbrand Top 20 Brands have created intentional audio. What does yours sound like? 


Audrey Arbeeny is the Emmy- Award winning Founder and Executive Producer of Audiobrain, a boutique firm speaclializing in sonic branding and interactive audio. Audrey has been the Music Supervisor for 7 Olympic Broadcasts for NBC,  and is recognized throughout the world as a leader in this field. She was recently elected to the Board of Governors of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences/ New York Chapter. Audiobrain's sonic branding work can be heard hundreds of millions of times a day throughout the world. Audrey also teaches sonic branding at Pratt Institute, now in its 7th semester; the first course of its kind in the world.


Emmy™ Award-winning Audiobrain's unique expertise in sonic branding, strategic planning, original composition by their elite composing staff, sound design, editing, mastering, music licensing, coding, and high end implementation is recognized throughout the world. From competitive research to cutting edge technology Audiobrain's unique methodology helps to create not just a great sound, but the right sound. Sonic Branding is the strategic development and deployment of a brand’s unique ownable sustainable audio assets leveraged consistently across many brand touchpoints. From a sonic logo, brand theme, event music, environmental installations to product prototyping,  Audiobrain assesses, designs and aligns the music and sound to integrate into a seamless narrative. This not only increases brand awareness and differentiation and supports design,  but over time saves costs by having a clear and consistent sonic identity that can be revised, repurposed, and expanded, creating a unified communication of your brand through sound. 

Audiobrain clients range  include Microsoft's Xbox 360, IBM, McDonalds, Google, Logitech, Lifelock, Merck, HBO, Holland America Cruise Lines, Virgin Mobile USA, NBC Olympics, GlaxoSmithKline, Major League Soccer, Scholastic, and WNET to name a few.