DTC Penguin Shoe Featured on Today Show

April 2, 2013
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DTC students created a custom shoe for penguins.

On April 2, 2013, The Today Show featured a Segal student project from the freshman course Design Thinking and Communication (DTC).

Students were tasked with designing a waterproof shoe that could protect a penguin's foot while allowing it to walk, swim, and stand comfortably. The selected design, dubbed the “Tuxedo,” is less like a shoe and more like a six-winged bandage with a neoprene insert to protect the sore. It wraps around the contours of the penguin’s foot and between its toes, allowing it to maintain the flexibility and comfort needed to swim and walk.

View the the video clip on The Today Show website.

The project was also featured on the front page of the Chicago Tribune on Friday, March 29, and on Time magazine's online newsfeed on Monday, April 1.