2013 Design Boot Camp: Kinetic Sculpture

September 24, 2013
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EDI students spent long hours in the shop in order to bring their visions to life.After three exhilarating and exhausting weeks of prototyping, sketching, foam model making, solid modeling, learning mechatronics and exercising their communication design skills, the 2014 EDI Class marked the completion of 2013 Design Boot Camp by designing the experience and format for presentation of their Boot Camp creations: Kinetic Sculpture.

The EDI Class of 2014 arrived on campus Tuesday September 3rd and quickly became acquainted with one another and the Segal Design Institute faculty and staff through a rigorous schedule of studio sessions, workshops and late nights in the Prototyping Lab.

There were seveal new additions to the Design Boot Camp schedule for 2013:

  • We welcomed kinetic artist, Jesse Seay, to share her process and perspective and offer her critique. 
  • Service Design instructors, Liz Gerber and Amy O’Keefe, led an improv-inspired workshop on methods for using feedback and critique to inform and accelerate rapid iteration.
  • Medill Instructor, Andrew Skwish and EDI Alum, Anthony Jakubiak, offered guidance on portfolio design and development.

This year’s prompt, Kinetic Sculpture, proved fertile territory for design innovation as EDI students drew inspiration from nature, mythology, childhood experiences, hobbies, games, professional challenges and exposure to their new surroundings to inform and inspire their designs.  Several of the Boot Camp pieces will remain on display in the Ford Engineering Design Center and Segal Design Institute suites through the fall.