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DTC Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I view the results of the Leadership Center teamwork exercises?

Use the faculty portal to the Leadership Center.

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How do I add students to teams in a DTC section?

This can be done through Canvas. Segal also keeps track of team memberships. Use the section management tool to update our database.

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How do I send a message to the faculty listserv? How do I subscribe or unsubscribe?

If you are a DTC faculty member, you can send e-mail to the faculty listserv at DTC-faculty@listserv.it.northwestern.edu. The list archives are available online at https://listserv.it.northwestern.edu. If you have questions about the listserv, please contact John Anderson.

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Where do I park?

Faculty parking stickers are available from University Police. There are parking lots near the Ford Center and Tech building, but they tend to fill up quickly.

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How do I get access to the building and classrooms? What if I have a problem with my access?

Most spaces in the Ford building are accessible during regular business hours. If you teach a class in a Segal classroom (Ford G.201, 205, and 211) after 5 p.m., you will need a programmable Wildcard to enter.

To request access to specific rooms within Ford, complete this form.

If you have a problem with your wildcard access, email fordaccess@northwestern.edu

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How can I get more information about a client or a project?

Contact Bruce Ankenman for all client and project related questions.

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Who should I contact with questions about resources?

IT / Computer

Contact John Anderson

  • Computer hardware and software
  • NU learning management system (Canvas)

Purchasing / Payroll

Contact Amy Schultz

  • Purchasing policy
  • Payroll questions
  • Office resources

Courses / Classrooms

Contact Casey Russell

  • Course registration issues
  • Classroom resources

Clients / Projects

Contact Bruce Ankenman

  • Client or project information

Prototyping and Fabrication Lab

E-mail prototyping–lab@northwestern.edu

  • Segal Prototyping and Fabrication Lab
  • Design and prototyping
  • Materials selection
  • Lab or equipment training

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How can I find helpful resources created by previous DTC faculty?

To view suggestions, forms, and tips created by previous DTC faculty, please visit the NuWrite community page for Design Thinking and Communication.

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Where can I get copies of the DTC textbooks?

  • The faculty-written DTC textbook is available at Quartet Copies in Evanston. The textbook is also available on Canvas.
  • The graphics text (Lueptow, Graphics Concepts) is available at the Norris Center bookstore.
  • Desk copies of both texts are available for faculty.

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Where is the course information for students posted?

We use Canvas, Northwestern’s learning management system, to publish course-related information to students.

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When and where does my section meet?

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Who should I contact if I have questions about teaching in DTC?

DTC faculty share many ideas about teaching in a collection of materials that has now been added to the "faculty only" course in Blackboard.

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