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Service Design


For MMM students only.

The course goal, broadly speaking, is to equip you with the conceptual and analytical frameworks for understanding and managing service businesses. We will apply these to various cases underscoring also the importance (and increased availability) of data in supporting strategic and tactical decisions.

Key Learning Takeaways

  • The interaction between firm strategy and service design: drivers of effective service delivery
  • “Designing” service customers:
    • Input management (yield/revenue management)
    • Customer management through information and touchpoints
    • Capacity and priority optimization 
  • “Designing” service employees
    • The operational aspects of standardization vs. empowerment
    • Hiring and retention
  • Managing the service process
    • Lean for services (what’s new?)
    • Quality control in an “unmeasurable” environment
    • Service recovery

Key Tactical Tools

  • Conceptual frameworks
  • Quantitative tools: process design, capacity and scheduling optimization, revenue management and quality control.
  • Data analysis: Using data to uncover operational drivers.

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