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DSGN 495-0: NUvention: Innovate for Impact


This interdisciplinary experiential learning program is designed to expose students to the design and launch of market-based ventures that address unmet needs in resource-limited settings. The social entrepreneurial approach to addressing global challenges such as poverty, hunger, lack of access to sanitation, the need for sustainable energy supply, and affordable health care will be the focus of the course.

The course will walk students through the steps associated with creating and implementing a social venture — a venture that addresses a social issue while simultaneously being financially self-sufficient. Students will be exposed to design thinking for social impact, market, and nonmarket contexts of resource-limited settings and the nuts and bolts of launching a venture.

In addition to the classroom component, the course is unique in that it includes a two-week field research component over spring break, where student teams are completely immersed in the communities with which they are working.


Open to all graduate students; application required. See the NUvention: Innovate for Impact course website for more information.

Quarter Offered


DSGN 495-0 NUVention: Innovate for Impact
Meets Wednesday, 3:00-6:00 p.m.

Instructor: Mark Werwath

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