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DSGN 424: Organizing for Innovation


For MMM students only.

This course provides leaders with a multitude of approaches and techniques to manage innovation and changes within their organization.   More specifically, using several lenses, the course will provide you with a host of frameworks and methods to use as a leader as you organize individuals and teams for effective innovation.  We will focus on how organizations need to be designed to support innovation, as well as approaches to leadership that promote innovation.   Particular emphasis will be put on developing a toolkit of practical strategies for designing workplaces, talent development and management, shaping and cultivating culture, and executing change in a manner that promotes and supports innovation in the workplace. The course is divided into two themes.  The first theme examines the lenses that leaders can use to understand their context so that they can design teams and organizations to promote innovation.  The second theme focuses on your personal development as an effective leader of innovation.

Key Learning Takeaways

  • Harness the benefits of analyzing organizations through a multitude of lenses
  • Manage team structures to help generate and implement new ideas
  • Develop the best ways to gain buy-in and implement innovations within a company
  • Foster cohesion in cross-functional teams
  • Manage culture to help generate new ideas

Key Tactical Tools

  • Crafting jobs to engage employees and foster innovation
  • Performance management systems to motivate innovative behaviors
  • Talent selection processes to hire for innovation competencies


For MMM students only.

Quarter Offered


DSGN 424 Organizing for Innovation
Meets Mondays 6:00pm-9:00pm in ITW Classroom, Ford 1.350
Instructor: Gail Berger

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