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DSGN 407: Making Things


Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the entire product realization process, from exploration of opportunity to conception through reduction-to-practice.
  2. Lay out a program in a formal process to assure a very high degree of success in the product development process.
  3. Select candidate materials from which to make the article, by optimizing among qualities that meet multiple performance requirements.
  4. Select candidate manufacturing processes that meet economic and parts-quality constraints.
  5. Validate the material and manufacturing process decisions for economic viability.
  6. Recognize opportunities to do continuous improvement of the article by optimizing the design based on research, and refining the material and manufacturing process decisions.
  7. Have a portfolio of work products developed during the course



Quarter Offered


DSGN 407 Making Things
Instructor: Steve Carr, Walter Herbst

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