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DSGN 401-1: Human-Centered Design Studio 1, Product Design


This course is part one of the year-long studio sequence required in the EDI program, and provides a project-based introduction to human-centered product design.

The entire class typically works with a single corporate client, who defines a problem area for the class to explore in teams.

Students investigate the cultural, emotional, technological, and business factors relevant to developing new product design concepts, create and test prototypes, and iterate. Principal focus will be placed on understanding the people who use the products, rather than the technology that drives them.

Teaching methods include lectures, labs, reading, homework assignments, and projects.


Open to EDI students only.

Quarter Offered


DSGN 401-1 Human-Centered Design Studio 1
Meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 12-3pm in the Ford Design Studio 1.230
Instructor: J. Edward Colgate

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