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DSGN 395-21: Artists and Engineers Collaborate


This course will bring advanced students in the Department of Art Theory and Practice and students in the McCormick School of Engineering together to work on collaborative projects within the Segal Design Institute. Over the course of the quarter, small teams of engineers and artists will identify a "problem" in their immediate environment (i.e. within Northwestern or in the surrounding urban community) and will develop, propose, and, ideally implement a solution. While the working methods and thinking processes employed by artists and engieers often seem dramatically dissimilar, the two fields sometimes approach the same kinds of problems. Through this course, artists and engineers will have the opportunity to learn from each other about their respective approaches and modes of working.

This course is open to advanced undergraduate students and graduate students in the Department of Art Theory and Practice and in the McCormick School of Engineering, by permission of instructors.


For Art Theory and Practice students: At least one 200 level course in the department.
For McCormick Students: At least one DSGN class, or significant design experience.

Quarter Offered


DSGN 395-21 Artists and Engineers Collaborate
Meets Tuesday and Thursday, 11-12:20 p.m. in Ford G.201/G.205
Instructors: Malcolm MacIver, Jeanne Dunning

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